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Diabetes Risk Test

Diabetes Risk Test

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Our patented ““Beta-Cell Test” developed and validated by YALE is the first and only early detection test for pre-metabolic diseases.


  • β-Cell Test uses a proprietary measure to identify and detect potential onset of type 1 and the development of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. This test will revolutionize the identification and potential treatment options for the most expensive disease in the world.
  • The β-Cell Test is designed to replace the current method of identifying diabetes, the A1c Test, and can be used to manage diabetes through identifying the severity of β-cell death.

Although the A1c Test is currently recognized as the gold standard test in Diabetes management, our data supports that the β-Cell Test identifies Diabetes in subjects earlier than the A1c Test.

  • Early detection of Diabetes provides various benefits including, but not limited to, the potential for earlier diabetes management treatments and lessened severity of the disease as a result
  • The β-Cell Test also provides monitoring of Diabetes progression and other disorders associated with β-cell death

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