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Gut Health Advanced Test

Gut Health Advanced Test

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  • Comprehensive analysis of the bacteria in your gut, digestion, and evaluation of inflammation.
  • User Friendly & Private
  • Analyzes More Than 250 Bacteria in the Gut. Along with full analysis of parasites.

The most comprehensive gut health test. Our test examines digestion and absorptioninflammationgut microbiome metabolites, microbiome bacteria, and the identifies parasites. In this diagnostic test we delve into everything going on in your gut including inflammation, immune response, digestion, absorption, microbiome balance, infections, and mucosal integrity with this comprehensive stool analysis evaluating multiple facets in a single profile. Beyond typical GI concerns, gut health is examined in relation to autoimmune diseases, mood disorders, skin conditions, and more, due to the vast research highlighting the link between GI function, the gut microbiome, and overall health.

Biggest difference between the basics test and the advanced version is the inclusion of a Full Parasite Analysis and Microbiome Metabolites Analysis.

Biomarker List

  • Fecal Lactoferrin
  • Chymotrysin
  • Yeast Culture
  • Bacterial Culture
  • Short-chai Fatty Acids (including protein products)
  • Fecal IgA
  • Microscopic Parasitology

What's Inside?

1. Collection Kit

2. Simple Follow Along Instructions

3. Prepaid Return Envelope

How it Works

1. Register Your Kit.

2. Easily collect your sample.

3. Mail in your sample.

4. Get Results online as needed.

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A Deeper Dive: Explore Gut Health & Banish Parasites

Kihealth Gut Health Advanced Test

Quickly assess your gut’s microbiome balance, inflammation, and digestion — key factors in your overall health and vital for disease prevention. Along with a full analysis of parasites in your gut. Get clear, actionable insights right at home and take control of your well-being today.

  • Unlocking the Digestive Mystery

    From persistent bloating to unpredictable bowel habits, many suffer in silence. This test decodes the root causes, enabling targeted interventions for better digestive well-being.

  • Guardian of Immunity

    An astounding portion of the body's immune cells reside in the gut. By comprehensively assessing your gut health, you're also delving deep into the frontline defense of your immune system.

  • Mind-Gut Connection

    Understanding your gut health can be a transformative step not just for your stomach but potentially for your mood, stress levels, and cognitive function.

  • Empowering Insights

    Equip yourself with the knowledge to achieve long lasting gut health.

  • User Friendly & Private

    Conduct the test easily at home with complete privacy and convenience.

  • Trusted Accuracy

    Rely on clinically validated methods for precise and reliable results.

The Future of Gut Health is Here

Uncover the root cause of your gut issues, acid reflux, abdominal
pain, bloating and other digestive conditions that can lead to
chronic disease with our comprehensive gut health testing.

Blueprint for Personalized Nutrition

The gut influences how efficiently we absorb nutrients from our food. By gauging the state of your gut, you can tailor your diet more effectively, optimizing nutrient absorption and potentially sidestepping food sensitivities or intolerances.

Long Lasting Gut Health in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Register your Kit

Step 2

Easily collect your sample

Step 3

Mail in your samples

Step 4

Get Results online as needed